Your Experience

Let me just start by saying "Thank You" for considering Candid Light Films for your wedding day. It is honestly an honor to get to know my couples and to create a trusting, fun-loving, genuine relationship with you! 

And despite what Rom-Coms might tell you, no two love stories are the same! For that reason, it's important for me to get to know my couples and hear their story. I want to hear about the first date and the funny, inside jokes. What do you like most about each other? Maybe he gives great hugs or she sings obnoxiously loud on road trips.

On my first date with my now husband, we went for sushi and to see a scary movie. I was wearing this shirt with a pocket on it, and during the movie, Tanner kept dropping green skittles into my shirt pocket because he said they were the worst. To this day, every year, we do a sushi and scary movie date night (He brings the skittles). 

I want to hear your first date story!


Also, because it is super important we get to know each other and feel comfortable together, I offer all my couples a *complimentary* video engagement session! It allows us to meet in person plus you'll get a video to share with family, friends and online to announce your engagement. 

In order for your wedding film to be a reflection of your genuine love and life together, we need to get C A N D I  D. 


So let's grab coffee or a cocktail and get to know each other better! 

Wedding Embrace

Let's connect

First things first! Shoot me an email or a text asking if I'm available to film on your wedding day. I'll take care of the rest! 

share the juicy details

After we confirm your wedding date is available, I'll send you over a fun, quick questionnaire to help me get to know you two better! Then we'll set up a phone call or FaceTime to chat. 

I love to meet my couples in person, so we can do this over coffee or cocktails too! 

Wedding film 

Once we have the details about your wedding day, we can select a wedding film package. 

Just know, all my packages come with


It is important for me to be with you for as much time as we need. I don't want you to feel rushed or nervous. Arriving early and leaving late gives me the freedom to capture you wedding day and gives you the comfort knowing I'm here for all of it! 


You did it! You're married. 

Now, I'm carefully piecing together candid moments from your wedding day to create a wedding film with all your best memories!

The time of delivery will depend on which package you chose and your method of delivery! 


So now, you wait! 

I promise it will be worth it.