When You're Gone...

When You're Gone is an ode to my hardworking husband whose military careers takes him out of town for days, weeks and months at a time. It's a funny, sad, true and raw realization of what I do when he is gone.

When You're Gone...

I eat my meals out of bowls a lot more.

I shower... a lot less.

I talk to the dogs quite a bit.

When You're Gone...

I get into bed earlier... just to stay up a lot later.

I take evening yoga classes to keep my mind off the nights without you.

I watch Gilmore Girls to fall asleep. (Sometimes it's Forensic Files...big mistake)

When You're Gone...

I dive into my work for my pleasure and my sanity.

I call friends back home to reconnect over long distance conversations and glasses of wine.

I workout a lot more.

When You're Gone...

Seconds feel like days.

I perfect my knowledge of other country's time zones.

I find myself checking the weather where you are.

When You're Gone...

The house creaks a little more.

The yard work becomes my chore.

I triple check all the locks.

When You're Gone...

I call my mom.

I call your mom.

I call my sisters.

When You're Gone...

I patiently wait for our timezones to align to hear your voice.

I think of all the amazing things you're doing to help change the world.

I realize how much you mean to me.

When You're Gone...

I wish you were here.