What I learned last week.

What I learned last week:

1. You make time for what’s important. This came in the form of swim workouts last week. I went to the gym at 4pm and had 1 hour to get in and get out of the pool. When I showed up, the pool was closed because of an electrical issue. I pretty much gave up on getting in a swim workout. Then, after a work meeting, I drove back to the gym and I got in the pool at 7:30p one night for an hour swim. If it matters, you make it happen. 2. Setting your alarm for just a little bit later rather than hitting snooze 10x actually makes waking up easier. In my case, that means setting the alarm for 7:40 instead of 7:20. #gamechanger 3. If you ever want to boost your confidence, hang out with Senior Ladies. I took glamour shots at a local senior living community for mother's day and they were so complimentary. They loved my skin and straight teeth. Hahaha. 4. The new Jason Aldean song is the first modern day country love song that I’ve been able to stomach in while. "You make it easy." - Listen here. 5. My audio book selections have been on point lately. I’ve been flying through books. My latest listen is “It’s what I do: A photographer's story of love and war.” It's about a young 20-something reporter who is reporting on and documenting life in war-torn countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. It talks about how she slowly and patiently forged relationships in the community that would prove to be extremely beneficial after September 11, 2001. It makes me want to be a foreign correspondent and fully immerse myself in another culture. The world is so big and we only live in our little pocket of it. #timetotravel 6. A good book, a comfy bed and a blue sky is all you need in life :) I got to sleep in my childhood room the last couple days, and woke up to blue skies and sunshine coming through the window, my book club book (Blink by Malcom Gladwell) and the comfiest comforter.

What did you learn last week?