Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my about page. I'm Hollie Fleck!
My love for story-telling started young. My sisters and I would create our own newscasts in our back playroom. We'd draw the 7-day forecast on blue construction paper and even write our own commercials (I specifically remember one about Burlington Coat Factory). I would read the latest, fake headline, while sipping hot chocolate out of my news mug, like a real pro! 
Fast-forward to a degree in Broadcast Journalism and five years as a television news reporter. My playroom dreams became a reality.
I started my own business in 2016. The news business was such a rewarding, enlightening experience, but I wanted to tell stories that were not just about flashy headlines.
I truly love story-telling. The process of crafting and creating a story from the very beginning is an adventure. I love when the story starts to take on a life of it's own and we create this harmonious visual to go with it. I'm a real believer in "goose-bump" moments.
My passion is storytelling. My purpose is to help you remember all of life's moments. 
I love the quote by Bob Marley...
"Take care of all your memories for you cannot relive them."
Let me help you take care of your memories, capture your candid moments and share your story. Email me at info@candidlightfilms.com!
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